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Dear Valued Chamber Member:

The Ulster County Regional Chamber of Commerce is pleased to announce that advertising opportunities for the 2025 “Keep it Local” Community Resource Guide & Membership Directory are now available. Working in partnership with ColorPage Marketing and Publishing, the guide will be published and ready for distribution in December 2024. 

This is the premier membership and economic development publication in our area, with 8,000 copies distributed throughout the Ulster County Region. The Community Resource Guide & Membership Directory will also be available on the Chamber Website Home Page (www.UlsterChamber.org) for easy access.

The 2025 Guide will include a complete listing of our more than 1,000 members, giving customers an easy reference guide for all the goods, products, and services our members provide. The Guide gives us a chance to tell others about our outstanding local businesses and organizations and promotes the value of buying local and shopping local.

This guide will also offer a comprehensive overview of the key segments of our local economy. Find out about the vast business opportunities available in Ulster County – learn about our history, the arts, and culture of our region, our educational opportunities, where are the best places to stay and to play in our region – find out about our emerging creative economy, and much more. This information is helpful to people relocating to Ulster County…making it vitally important for you to be a part of this publication.

By advertising in this publication, you will:

  • Broaden your customer base
  • Increase the visibility of your business
  • Position your company as a key business in the community
  • Participate in the Chamber’s ‘Keep It Local’ Campaign

We ask for your support of the 2025 Community Resource Guide & Membership Directory to allow the Chamber of Commerce to continue to work on your behalf and improve our local economy.

Ward D. Todd, President

Supporting Businesses – Supporting Our Community

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ColorPage Marketing & Publishing

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Early Bird Rate Deadline:
July 31, 2024

Advertising Deadline:
September 30, 2024

Annual Distribution:
Begins December 2024

For more information contact Don Verity, Media Consultant at ColorPage

Advertising Agreement

To Advertise in KEEP IT LOCAL please submit the following agreement:

Our design staff offers free design service and provides a proof of your ad.

If you design your own ad please submit it as a four-color, camera-ready digital file. Ads may be submitted by email, on a CD or DVD. Acceptable programs are Photoshop and InDesign. Art must be 300 dpi for InDesign documents. Supporting photos and fonts must be included. Acceptable file formats are tif, jpg, pdf which also need to be 300 dpi.

Media Kit / Order Forms

Download a PDF of our media kit which includes order forms that you can fill out offline.

Keep It Local

8,000 copies of this attractive and informative annual full color publication will be distributed at hotels & resorts, restaurants, real estate offices, tourism sites, arts & entertainment venues and more. All Chamber members will also receive a mailed copy.


The 2025 KEEP IT LOCAL Guide will be featured on the homepage of the Chamber website throughout the year.


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